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RT Rear Case Protection


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Anyone have experience using some sort of clear plastic protection on their rear cases to reduce boot scuffs to the case surface? Is there a product specifically made/shaped for the RT? How difficult was it to apply? Any tips, other than to lift my leg higher. :)

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Depends on which RT you've got. I've seen folks with 1150s with the Scotchlite reflective black sticker stuff on their cases (Rocks on the board knows who - someone at the last NE Tech Day had it) - custom sized for the lower half of the black side cases (it's also available for the rear of the cases which is good for showing your bike up at night from behind too). For a 1200 since the cases are color matched to the bike you'd need some clear stuff which I haven't seen.


Or you could try mounting the bike like a horse - left side, left foot on the peg, stand up & then swing the leg over. Just like using a stirrup on a saddle. I started doing that awhile ago when I put a Bakup backrest on my bike so I could more easily clear it and found it works great for when I've got stuff on the back seat too. It's my iron horse so I can mount it like a horse :grin:

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I've just put on some Sniders Paint Guard, available from Aerostich and maybe other places, too. Three sheets, about 12 x 15" for around $14, if I remember right. It's a thick, clear vinyl film that adheres with a film of water. It won't stretch enough to cover the top surfaces of a pannier in one piece (complex curves), so I had to cut strips to shape. Doesn't look bad, although you can see it if you look. Better than those ugly boot scrapes. It's easily removable, too.



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Hmmm, never thought of that. I guess this old dog just is used

to big trees! ;-)


Wally World also has clear plastic film that has an adhesive backing.


Altho one might be better off with the kind that sticks on with water to avoid a sticky residue if you ever want to remove or replace it.


I don't remember for sure just how flexible / pliable that stuff is, probly would be impractical for those compound curves now that I think of it.


Just in case - it's in the household / kitchen area along with shelf lining, etc. Pretty inexpensive.


Also might be able to find something stretchy enuf in a place like Hobby Lobby.

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I think he is asking about the top case, and the front, not the rear.

"boot scuffs"

Try picking your right leg up (even grab cuff if needed) and step thru rather than folding right leg and stepping over the saddle.

This will eliminate contact with the top case.


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All great ideas. I was referring to the two rear side saddle cases. I love the "grab the cuff" idea. I still leave a scuff mark on the seat, better than the side case. I now have a list of great ideas. Thanks guys.

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With the bike on the side stand, try stepping your right foot on the right peg and mounting from the right side. Be gentle until you get the hang of it. Works like a charm as the right peg is higher than the left when on the side stand.

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