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Cracked: "6 Things Nobody Tells You About Owning a Motorcycle"


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I at first saw this on Digg and thought, "Oh, boy, another mass-media article propagating the rumors of motorcycling":


Cracked.com | 6 Things Nobody Tells You About Owning a Motorcycle



It's more-than-likely nothing new to most of us, but I found the writer's satirical tone humorous. And for the new rider who has purchased a bike because of the gas prices these days, it is kind of informative. It was an entertaining read for a few minutes.


I thought some of you might enjoy the same few minutes. :grin:


Enjoy! :Cool:


P.S. Being of a certain age over 40, I have fond memories of laughing at a lot as a kid in the late-70s/early-80s reading Cracked on a Saturday afternoon at the local drug store while leisurely riding around on my "dual-purpose" bicycle I had back in the day. Ah, childhood!

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