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Tire Pressure Monitor System - waterproof sensors?


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I'm about to install a new after-market tire pressure monitor system on my bike. I'm looking at the sensors that go on the valve stem. They are threaded and unscrew to allow access to the battery. There is an o-ring that provides a seal.


But I'm wondering if anyone takes extra steps to seal these to keep water out of them prior to installation? Anyone had any failures due to water getting into the sender?

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I have a TireGard unit and have ridden through some torrential downpours and it just kept on ticking. The receiver isn't waterproof so I kept it in the tankbag map pocket. I now have a TireWatch that is internal so that's not an issue, but the receiver is weatherproof (the instructions say not to hit it with a pressure washer). I think something designed to be mounted on a tire valve stem should be pretty robust.


But I guess the answer to your question is... I don't.

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I too have the Tire Guard system with the valve stem caps. I have also ridden with them for hours in torrential rain. No special preparation and they work fine. :thumbsup:


My receiver got wet and after drying, only part of the lettering on the display shows. I tried blowing it dry with a hair drier for a few hours. No luck.


Purchased a complete new unit from Amazon to replace it. Have not ridden the new one in the rain yet but, based on my experience with the previous one, I expect no problems. However, I will take extra measures to be sure the receiver does not get wet. :cry:


Roy :grin:

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I realized from the design, that each wheel sensor is actually pressurized by the tire air, so I guess that means no water could get into it. If it leaks, you tire would go flat first. ;)

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