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Chain help for traveling F650GS riders - Portland OR


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A couple for Guatemala are making use of my driveway/garage and tools to repair some damage from a slipped/broken chain on their F650GS (2005 I believe). I don't have any chain related tools and really don't know anything about chains and bikes (shaft and CVT are all we have in the garage). They aren't sure what kind of chain they are getting and thought they might need a chain tool to add or remove links, and are wondering if I know someone who has one. I don't and I'm heading out the door to work. They won't know about parts until the shops open Tuesday morning, but in the meantime, does anyone in the Portland Metro area have something like that which they could borrow? Cyclegear seems to have what they think they *might* need on sale for $30, but they are headed up to AK and then over to DC and of course are on a budget.


If you can help out, please reply here or send a pm - I'll get back to you when I get home from work after eight tonight.





ps - if the above doesn't make any sense, that's because I really don't know what I'm talking about - never worked on anything bigger than a bicycle chain


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