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Oil cpacity?

Jerry in Monument

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Jerry in Monument

I changed the oil and filter in my '96RT yesterday.


According to the manual, it should take 6.6 US pints with a filter change.


I took about 15 -20 minute ride beforehand to get it warmed up, let it sit for about 15-20 minutes.


Drained, removed filter, let it sit for another 15-20 minutes.


New crush ring, AC Delco PF-53, Castrol GTX 20W-50.


I added about 3 quarts, let it sit about 5 minutes. Nothing showed in the sight glass. Added aboiut 1/2 quart, let it sit another 5 minutes. Saw oil in the very bottom 1/3 of the sight glass.


Started the engine, ran it for about 1 muinute.


Shut it off, let it stand about 30 minuites. Nothing showed in the sight glass.


Added the final 1/2 quart. oil level showed about half way, right at the dot.


Went out this morning and oil was still at the dot.


Took a 3 hour ride up to Castle Rock, over to Sadalia, Deckers, Woodland Park, Co Sp and home.


Had stuff come up so haven't yet checked the level, but it's been sitting and 1.5 hours now.


Why would it take a full gallon to register just half way up the sight glass?

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Jerry..not sure of an 1100 but on the 1150 the oil and filter change is 3.75 litres which is basically 4qts. Middle of the site glass is normal. I am sure you have heard of the BMW oil dance before, but here it is if you haven't


After running engine, put on side stand for 10 minutes to allow oil cooler and other oil to drain. Put on center stand for 5 minutes and then check.


I am not familar with the capacity of that Delco filter, but if it is the same as BMW filter, all you need to do is drain, and 4 quarts and call it a day.


Hope that helps.

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Hi Guys, I often scratch my head about the observation made about adding such and such amount of oil.

I just heat engine to normal operating temp, drain the oil, allow bike to stand, replace filter & torque it in, new crush washer on drain bolt reinstall it & torque down. Then fill with oil 'till it is well above the centreline of sight glass. Start engine for a few seconds. Check sight glass. if the oil is still showing midway I restart bike and allow good circulation and then just top it off to the centreline, or if it is a little too low after the brief run, just add enough to get it to the centreline again. I then do the longer run and top it off to c/l again.

I have seen many cases where folk put 'X' amount in, then lose confidence 'cos they can't see the oil (as it is already above the sight glass). Add more and fill their air box sump up.

Everyone to their own. I only use the 4 quart thing as a guide to ensure I have put roughly enough in, (and also to ensure I have enough before I start the job).


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Morning Jerry


My 1100 service manual shows 3.75 liters with filter for the 1100. That is 0.990645196 US gallons (or real close to 1 US gallon).



When I had my 1100’s I never used the sight glass to fill the crankcase after an oil change. I Would just drain the oil hot, replace the filter, then dump in a gallon of oil. I would then ride the bike about 1,000 miles before even looking at the sight glass.


BMW also issued a couple of service bulletins; one was for the procedure for oil checking and the other was on how ambient temperatures effected the cold oil level on the BMW boxer engine.


Bottom line = Add 1 gallon then ride the bike.



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I differ from the others in that I only add about three and a half quarts, go for a short ride to get up to normal temperature, and come back to do the oil dance one more time before adding final oil to top of sight glass. All this to allow for possibility of not all the oil draining out at change.


Oh, and don't forget to pre-charge the new filter with oil before screwing it in.





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Pretty much the same as Dirtrider for me. Drain oil, add measured 3.75 litres then forget. Measured quantity equates to half-way up sight glass. Any more is unnecessary in my book and risks oil being blown into airbox via breather. Mine uses so little oil I don't bother checking it much between changes, unless it's before I go on a long trip. Never add any oil though.

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For me, four quarts is too much, a little above the top of the red circle. I always start with about 3.5 and top up later if necessary to get up to the dot cold. That usually works out to a total of about 3.75 quarts.

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My oil change procedure:

I warm up by letting the bike iddle for 5 minutes. Then turn it off and place it on the sidestand.

Then I go lock Beba, my chihuahua in the pantry.

Then I come put the bike on the centerstand and remove the bottom plug and fill cap.

Then I go lock Poncho, my Lahsa Apso in the hall bathroom.

Then I remove the oil filter and let it drain.

Then I go get a beer and run from my wife trying to hit me because the dogs have been barking up a storm.

Then I swing my Ute indian dream catcher 7 times to the right, 9 to the left.

Then I replace the plug with a fresh crush washer, screw in the oil filter, musing my "lube my rt, oh holly GTX" Mantra.

After the first quart drains, I go chase Beba musing my "this'll get her angry again" Mantra.

After the second quart drains, I go chase Poncho musing my "I'm pushing my luck" Mantra.

After the third quart drains, I go tase my wife musing my "don't let her hit me with that frying pan" Mantra.

Then I add the contents of the fourth bottle after pouring 8 ounces into a cup, musing my ""don't forget to pour the 8 ounces from the cup back into th ebottle, or you will kick it like last time" Mantra.

Then I put the 8 ounces back into one of them and put it away for top ups which happen every so often.

When I do 5 8 ounce top ups, it's time to go buy another 5 quarts, and about 2-3 weeks later do it all over again.

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Jim VonBaden

4 quarts. The tiny bit of extra wont hurt anything, and I don't need to get all anal about it.


Jim :Cool:

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This may be covered elsewhere, but I searched and could not find it.


I just added oil to my R1150RS and inadvertently added too much (site glass fully covered and then some). On previous bikes I've been able to use a syringe and stray to extract excess oil, but I'm thinking I won't be able to get down to the well through the oil addition port.


Anyone have advice on how to remove excess?




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will removing the filter not cause the entire oil contents to drain? if not, that sounds like the ticket.

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It will just remove the amount of oil that is in the filter


But don't do it on the carpet anyway.





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