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2006 R1200 RT maintenance questions.


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I bought a used 2006 R12RT back in 2007.

It had about 6K miles on it when I got it, and had already had the 6K checkup by a dealer.

I change my own oil/filter every 3-4 K miles.

Had all the service done at the dealer for the 12K mile checkup at the dealer.


I now have about 26K miles on the bike and decided to do most of the work myself. Oil/filter/gear-oil/air-filter/sparkplugs/valves.


I have 4 questions:


1. Valves good after 12K miles.

While adjusting the valves I found they seemed to be dead on? Is that normal not to need any adjustment?


2. ABS/Servo brake fluid flush is Dealer only? (really?)

The Haynes shop manual I have says the ABS / Servo brake flush and fill must be done by a BMW dealer? Are there tools/methods to do this yourself, or is it really a BMW secret sauce?


3. There were a few drops of that silver spline lube dripping down under/behind the gearbox where the rear wheel swing arm mates up is that fairly normal after 24K miles? it wasn't much, just a drop or two.


4. After taking the side plastic off the bike and draining the gear box oil I looked around (inspecting...) I noticed there is a little grime on the engine block to the rear of the cylinder heads. at a gasket that mates the tranny with the engine block. It looks as if it "weeped" a drop or two of engine oil out of that gasket which has collected dust over the last 24K miles. Is that normal? On a "car" I would never give this amount of grime a second glance, but I am particular about the bike.


I really like this bike, and although I am tempted to cheat on it from time to time... I think I'd like to put another 30K miles or more on this one. I'm having the brake fluid and the final drive oil changed at the dealer on Tuesday, and they will also lube the rear drive spline joints.


It seems that other than what doing oil changes regularly and the maintenance above every 12K miles or so there isn't anything else..

I do my own brakes and tires.


Will I run into any other issues as time goes on?



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You can do the brake fluid work yourself as well, if you can do all the other services you mentioned. You have to remove the fuel tank, to get to the ABS control unit. Check out JVB's video, well worth it!




While you have the tank removed, replace the cheap fuel line quick disconnects with a set of new ones from Beemer Boneyard...


The bike is real simple to work on... Good luck!

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I have done the FD oil thing twice now and on both my bikes (05RT & 06GS) I found that with the bikes on the centerstand on a level garage floor and the FD completely reinstalled, filling the FD thru the rear facing drain hole until it just starts to overflow, is almost exactly the 180ml needed.

Soooo much easier than screwing around with the speed sensor opening.

Just sayin'



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Thanks everyone, I will take a stab at doing the throttle body sync and final drive gear oil, and brake fluid change myself next time.

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