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Just bought 01 rt cop bike, now comes the fun stuff


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New member here from TX.

My last BMW bike was 99 k1200rs, great for trips, sold it for more speed, Honda Blackbird. After 5 years sportbike ergos finally got to me.

My new bike is Oklahoma PD 01 rt in great shape, 64k on the speedo.

I am a BMW gearhead, also on my 9th BMW car, 01 325ci w 197k.

I made sure all the electric worked on this new bike before I bought it, knowing seller usually do a crappy job of making it civilian again. Everything works except abs. I can eventually sort that out.

I want to lose cop radio box and install pillion seat for wife, but be able to put radio box back on for trips.

I'm going to take the plastic off this week and look under her skirt.

What should I be looking for besides leaks and crappy wiring?

I also have a print out that came with bike on how to reset the abs w wire under seat. That will be first.

I am a forum junkie and thanks in advance for the info.

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Welcome. As you have seen by now, switching box to seat is not a trivial affair.


While you have the plastic off, re-connect the hazard switch.


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