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R1200RT Multifunction Switch Turn Signal Replacement


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I'm pleased to announce that I (who have very little technical skills) managed to solder out the old switch and solder in the new one. Please see the following videos. The first one is the original video of how I managed to troubleshoot the switch. The second is a video based pictorial of the steps I took to swap the switch out after I removed it from the multifunction switch housing. Hope this helps someone save some $$$.




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Thanks a bunch for this. I needed this procedure twice with my RT. You have made a bunch of us a lot more hopeful.

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Very useful videos, particularly the 2nd one about the replacement.

QUESTION: could you be more specific (brand - source) for the "non-conductive resin" used in the second Video.


Thank you for sharing this.


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The best part is the advice that says: "Don't Get In Over Your Head". That would be me.

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Good info, Jay. Thanks!


What's with the newer BMW switchgear? Are they punishing us for demanding standardized switches instead of the old turn signal system?



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Jean, Sorry for the louse response time. I wish I could tell you; it's this old vile of stuff that came with a soldering kit I bought years ago. I'd assume any non-metallic based glue (which is most of the heavy duty stuff) would suffice.


na1g, No kidding, right! Everything is so reflexive for me now. Granted, I'm in no hurry to change (I continue to farkle), but from what I hear the adjustment period is pretty quick.


Thanks for the nods!

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