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Farther North & NW of Vegas.


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Started off to take a short jaunt up I-15 to NV 93, aka the Great Basin Highway.


Turned out to be just too nice of a day - got to my planned turn around point (Jct of NV 93 & NV 168 a ways NW of Glendale on I-15)

and it wasn't even noon yet, and the day was as nice a day for a ride as one could wish. Mid 70's, no wind, hazy to partly cloudy.


And me with still nearly a full tank, just couldn't make the bike make the turn onto 168 to head back home.


So kept going North on 93 till it turned East toward Caliente, "only" 100 miles thru not much of anything but really scenic country. Crossed over into UT on NV319 / UT56, turned South on

UT 18, ending up at St George on I-15, just West of Zion Park.


THEN headed back home. But instead of the freeway all the way, incl thru that mess thru Vegas (nearly got run over on the way out this AM by an old guy alongside me not watching his surroundings who all of a sudden switched lanes and headed right for me), turned off on 169/167 which runs West of Lake Mead till it hits 564 and runs into I-215 going into SE Vegas / Henderson. Only 425 miles today (!) The day just flew by.


Now I've got confidence to take a longer trip this coming weekend.


Here's just a few pics.




If you ever plan on a trip going West on 93 in SW Utah, be sure to read the comment with the photo that has the J&J Fast Food sign.


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