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In search of THE TREE?


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While driving (sadly, not riding...) to an appointment with a homeowner hoping to sell his house in Rutland, MA, I approached a pair of motorcyclists asking a jogger for directions. I recognised them as an R12RT and an 1150RT from afar, and took a closer look on driving by. But WAIT! Both bikes were adorned with our beloved BMWST sticker!


Digger Jim and Samsar - out in search of THE TREE.


It seems there is a tree in Rutland that is located at the exact geographic center of the state of MA. It takes a traveler to know these things, I guess - I had no idea, despite having lived in Rutland for a while, and growing up in the adjoining town of Holden.

(Well - I knew that Rutland was the center of the state - what I DIDN'T know was about the TREE. Not until today, anyway - thanks guys!)


Hope you two had a great ride - my day was fine until I saw you two out enjoying the beautiful weather, while I was confined in the cage. :/


Okay guys, that's my side of the story -- where's the tale from the saddle(s)? :D



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We found the tree - about 200 yards up the street the way you came. Right on the corner of someone's driveway with a small split rail fence around it & a plaque. Funny how small a world - we're out on a 1K scavenger hunt and bump into a board mod - pretty cool.


Don't worry about not knowing where it was - easy to find a tree in New England but there are so damn many of them that finding a specific one can be hard.


As for the rally Paul & I were able to turn 2nd & 3rd place finishes into 7th & 8th due to losing 2 bonuses because Reading is Fundamental! And the rallybastard doesn't like Canadian maple syrup :)


BTW, the new Bill Mayer saddle rocks!!!

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Sounds like a fun day... I wondered why you guys seemed in such a hurry to take off! I just figured that you must have been embarrassed on my behalf for being out in public in a "minivan." :D


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It's a great rally. Max (of Max BMW) helps out in a major way & the volunteers are veteran IBR competitors so they really know how to host a rally. You should join us next year - it's close and you get to see parts of the entire Northeast you'll likely never to have been before. Great competitors too - this year's long-distance ones were from FL & GA (and Jennyfer & Jacques were down from Canada). Oldest competitor was 66 and one guy took a deer strike, duct taped his bike back together and kept on truckin....until deer #2 ended his ride...bike out, but Shoey was okay & will be back.

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