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shift indicator

Joe Durt

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my shift idicator allways displays "o" as of today.

It was intermittant for the afternoon but just indicates "o" now.

Sup with that ? 2000 R-1100rt. 98K miles.

Everything else seems fine

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm out of town on the bike for a week or so and I left my manual disks at home.

I am suspecting the switch on the tranny. The display just bounces between 0 and 1 when shifting and stays at 0 in 5th.

How hard is that switch to get to on the tranny?

Is it mounted outside or is it an internal part ?

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It is an external part, but you need to pull the swing arm to remove it. You can see it here, right next to the driveshaft




All the switch does is open and short a few wire connections to ground in order to tell the RID what gear you are in. There are two sets of wires coming off the rear of the tranny (the neutral safety switch and the gear indicator switch). The gear indicator is the one with 4 wires (3 yellows and a brown). The brown wire is ground, and the switch just uses a combination of shorting those yellow wires to ground. I haven't explored all of the possible connections, but I know if all three are shorted to ground then the RID thinks you are in Neutral. So if you pull that connection and play around with shorting those wires to ground on the bike side wire connection, that should at least be able to tell you if the switch is hosed or if you are having problems with the RID.

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Awesome ! Thanks.

I guess I can go without it till next December since everything else seems just fine.

Loitering with intent....

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Oh..BTW...every time i shift it goes from o to 1 or 1 to o.

Do you think I will be ok just to put it off till i have down time next Dec and just live without it ?

I work out of town putting in 60 to 80 hours a week and put an average of about 500-700 miles a week on it.

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It shouldn't hurt anything. I understand the commuting thing. I used my RT as my main source of transportation for a little over 2 years, and my commute is 600 miles a week.


You should be able to trouble shoot it quickly. The connector for the switch is behind the left side plastic triangle piece next to the lift handle. You should be able to pull the cover and at least figure out if you problem is with the RID or the switch.


Either way, putting off the repair shouldn't make anything worse than it already is.

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