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Tourmaster Transition Jacket


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Anybody using one?

I have been wearing a Roadcrafter for decades, looking for a jacket that is warmer with more venting.



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Well, before you part with your coin, I'd try a First Gear TPG Rainier jacket. At least look at the feature set.


Linz :)

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Transition will not be warmer,material is lighter than Roadcrafter.

Tourmaster venting is a lot better!


I don't depend on most stock jacket liners for warmth,better to get a Goretex windstopper fleece liner to replace the cheap fleece or quilted liners in most jackets.


Look at the Olympia GT Air Transition jacket.Better built than the Tourmaster,great venting and still warm when you need it.The Olympia Xmoto is similar,but in a longer adventure style.



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I have a Transition High Visibility Yellow jacket that I purchased two years ago. I really like it. Its great in warm weather, the venting works very well. I have ridden in Arizona at temperatures exceeding 104 degrees.


It also comes with a zip out liner. I haven't used the liner, if it gets really cold I put on my Gerbing's liner.

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I have the Transition 2 in silver. I like it.

The venting coupled with an evaprative cooling vest got me through Vegas last July (116F!) in relative comfort. Those shoulder vents are great on the RT because the air that gets over the windshield goes right into them. The other vents not so much...

I use the liner when I ride in the winter. It works.

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Great information, thanks, I'll check out the other models.

I like my Roadcrafter ( I have two), anyone who rides with one in cold weather knows they are not windproof. When the temp is in the 30's I wear a Gerbings liner, a nylon windbreaker then the Roadcrafter. I want a jacket that is windproof with a liner for those days.


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I have a Transition 2 hi-vis. It is waterproof and windproof (coldest ride was at 16 F). It is a good value for the money, but there are better made jackets out there. I have Tourmaster Caliber pants to go with this jacket and those are not very good and are definitely NOT waterproof.

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We sell Olympia and everyone loves 'em.


That said, I wear a TourMaster Transition 1 jacket because it comes in a tall size :) and the Oly's don't :( .

I wear the Gerbing when the temps dip and have ridden to single digits with the TM liner in and the Gerbing under that.

Venting works pretty well.

Will both use it or the TM Intake when we head towards Canada this summer.

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I have a transition 2 that I will be getting rid of soon. The Cortech line just does not fit my short, long armed body like the Olympia and Firstgear jackets do. It has been a good jacket, and is waterproof BUT the water likes to collect in between the layers of the arms, to run down on your arms and fill your gloves.

Not sure if the other waterproof jackets do this. The jacket did well in a slow speed get off and slide with minimal damage to the jacket or myself.

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