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North of Vegas, West of Lake Mead


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Every time I take a jaunt thru another area around Vegas I find areas more scenic than the ones before.


This is a relatively short jaunt going out of the NE corner of Vegas toward Lake Mead, then going North on NV 167 to NV 169 which goes West thru the Valley of Fire State Park. About 100 miles till I got thru the Valley of Fire park and back to I-15.


Stopped at a turn out to take some more pics, talked to a local guy on a bike who turned out to be originally from my home state and not that far from my home area, and another guy from SW Utah on a bike stopped to talk to us and gave me some good ideas for a 2 or 3 day trip over Memorial Day weekend - basically East of Zion Park, then North / North East of Bryce Canyon. Have been in Zion & Bryce before but not NE of Bryce where he recommended.


These photos are in no particular order - darn PhotoBucket has tried to make everything so fancy that they've screwed it up and made things difficult to do, like simply organizing pictures in i.e. trip sequence by drag n drop like it used to be, not by title or date like they have it now. Tempted to take a paid prescription to Smug Mug!


Only traveled about 1/3 of the roads I wanted to today, just too many photo ops. Going to tackle it early tomorrow morning (Sat 5/21) before it hits the predicted 100's in the afternoon. Heading North of Vegas, then West of I-15 West of Overton NV.




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