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Ride the Rockies, Austin TX --to Colorado


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I am contemplating a ride to Colorado to ride the Rockies.

Want to get out of the heat sometime in late July early Aug.

Departing from Austin TX area.

Planning to ride to Southern Colorado first and get loose from there, no plans where to go specifically.

I've been in Aspen, Estes park area up in the high mountain as well as Pikes Peak 14500' elev.

There is Nice rides and great hikes out there.


I plan to avoid highways and fast food restaurants.

Mostly rough it (tent) but motel it if needed.

Want to make an adventure of it.


I am open to suggestions recommendations and ideas from those of you that already rode the Rockies.


Also looking for other riders from the area to join in on this journey.


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Good choice! Haven't ridden those rodes in SW Colo, but driven them so many times....great riding, I'd bet!


A few gems to include (I'll let you look up details)

- Wolf Creek Pass (US 160 - Pagosa Springs to South Fork)

- Slumgullion & Spring Creek Passes

(CO 149 from Creede to Lake City)

Slumgullion is VERY steep coming into/out of Lake City side, with a few sharp curves - low gear going down & watch for flatlanders with smoky brakes, gravel, & rock slides after a rain!!

- Million Dollar Highway (US 550 - Ouray to Silverton)


Things not to miss:

- Creede Underground Mining Museum (if subject interests you)

- Creede Repertory Theatre - see some shows!

- Mountain Man Tours - Raft the Rio Grande - not the whitest white water (esp in August!), but beautiful float & maybe you can con Jeremy into riding some roads with you...(if he still has Greg's bike) Greg was the original Mountain Man and a really great guy, avid BMW rider - sorely missed. God rest his soul.



- North Clear Creek Falls (between Creede/Lake City)

- Windy Point overlook (between Creede/Lake City)

- Lake San Cristobal overlook

- Durango-Silverton Narrow Guage RR



- A bunch of CO is Forest Service land, so if you're willing to take your RT on gravel, you can camp for free! (If budget is a concern)

- If camping - even in August, it's in the 30s in the morning! (you're at 9,000ft!)

- Good camping around Lake San Cristobal (Lake City), and gravel on loop around the lake is tame - even a ways up past the lake is ok, just don't try to take Cinnamon/Engineer passes on an RT unless you're VERY comfortable on gravel.

- Always be ready for wet weather up there!

- There's a HD rally in Silverton sometime in summer, but can't recall when....may want to research that if you want to join or avoid it. It's no ROT rally, but it's pretty big and can make for a lot of 2-wheel traffic in the region.


I'd love to join, but don't think I can break away. Lots of other great stuff to see, but those are my top ideas.


Ride safe & have fun!


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Thank you very much for that info.

I can use all the help i can get as far as routes places and lodging/camping.

My few trips to Colorado were with a car,on hwy.s and just hit Denver colo springs and did some skiing.



If i end up riding solo, I am also considering trailering the bike to CO. Get there fast with a car unload and ride. there is more stuff/gear I like to take with me than would fit on the bike. SLR camera, camcorder, comfort gear , cookin' stuff and so on. it is still all up in the air at this point.


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**   Chris   **

If you trailer to Colorado, I would take the KTM. I have heard there is some great nonpaved riding in Colorado. I hope to find out about it first hand this July.



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I'd second that...haven't done a ton of non-paved myself, but have run a bunch of Jeep roads on 4 wheels up there and if trailering is an option for you, the KTM would be a better bet!

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Dave Faria

I'm retired and camp(X backpacker). Live out near Oakhill. Lets meet for coffee. I may be in Alaska at the time you are going.

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