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Massive fire just outside of Jacksonville!!!


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Glenn Reed

Even though I have been removed from your Christmas card list, I still hope you enjoy your birthday!

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Happy Birthday Matt. For your birthday the Board has decided to give you permission to go out and buy any motorcycle you want!


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Well if we'd known that last night you could've gotten at least a (another) beer or two out of the deal. And we might've sung to you.


But probably not. :grin:



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Thanks All!

It was a great day... I took the day off, burned a couple tanks of gas, got some beer that's not being distributed in FL for the big Memorial Day party and then I had a nice lunch chatting with an old friend.


To quote Lawnchairboy, it was "Mantastic!" (package received, many thanks.}


I'm still trying to make the RCR so that many more of you can buy me drinks, but it's looking unlikely.


There is always the UN!


Thanks again!

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Marty Hill

Matt, sorry I'm late but have been on the road for 5 days. Hope you had a great b-day.

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I'm not late. Just waiting for the smoke to clear. Happy Birthday, Matt.


You sir, know how to make an entrance.


Thanks FB!

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