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comments/questions on my new Ohlins


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I had some new Ohlins installed (with the stiffer suspension) this spring. It's been a rainy spring in the pacific northwest so I haven't had much good weather to dial them in.

But, last Saturday, my wife & I headed out for a ride down the gorge. I turned the preload adjuster to +6 (six turns hard from normal) and we set out. What a difference these shocks are! Bumps that normally we would have bounced and sagged we road through effortlessly and smoothly. Even my wife commented on how smooth the ride was.


So, when I turned back the preload to the normal position, my ride isn't as smooth. I feel a little like I'm on a rocking horse, bouncing a little back and forth.


I'm not sure if I should turn the preload to hard a couple turns or what.


If you have experience or advice on how to make my solo riding smoother, I'm all ears.



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I would add a couple of clockwise clicks on the rebound ring of the rear. That will stiffin it up again and you will keep your normal ride hight. The units WILL loosen up over time till about 2000 miles, then they will be rock on!!!!


I have over 65,000 miles on mine, with three rebuilds.

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The first thing I'd do is check the sag, 6 turns on the Ohlins preload adjuster is not that much between two-up and solo. You may have too much preload or too much spring. Did you buy them through the dealer? Did they ask your weight and riding style before setting them up? Outfits like Ted Porter's Beemer Shop or Kyle Racing do a really good job of making the initial settings based on weight and riding style. Your local dealer; probably not so much.


Down the road from you is GP Suspension in Oregon City. If you want professional help in setting them up correctly, they are the guys in the Portland area.

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