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Front Brake Reservoir ....again!


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Ok, having just replaced the piston and seals of the leaking front reservoir of my `97 R1100rt.....its still leaking, is a new / 2nd hand one my only option, assuming the barrel must be worn or scored?

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I think the answer to that is going to be yes, unless you damaged / marked the seals on reassembly.


Whenn you rebuilt the cylinder did you clean the bore all the way to the far end ?


If not, did you use full travel on the lever when bleeding the system out ?


If corrosion / crud is left in the cylinder and you push the seals into this area at the end of travel, quite often this will damage the seals.

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Thanks for that Nigel. I have been keeping a very close eye on it the last few days and fluid seems to have stopped weeping...strange! But I am going to take it for a run tonight and see what happens.


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Hi Stuart


Its possible it wasn't actually leaking if you used brake fluid as a lubricant during seal replacement, if it was only a small amount possibly just the excess fluid outside the seal weeping away.


But best to keep an eye on it just in case ... good luck

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