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Valve head cover bolt replacement


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I need to replace one of my valve head cover bolts (04 RT) after I scraped up the head of one in a low speed lay down a few years back and now the scratched area is rusting such that getting the bit in is very difficult.


I got a replacement one online (bolt, washer, 1 rubber gasket that fits the washer) and have the head cover off, but the existing one does not want to pull out and I'm concerned the replacement I got is missing something.. like maybe another rubber gasket that should insert on the cavity side of the cover??





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Evening Tone


The bolt will pull out as it pulls the rubber grommet out with it. Sometimes they don’t come out easily if it (the rubber grommet) has been in there a while).


If the bolt won’t pull the rubber grommet out just slide the bolt and metal washer out as far as possible then use something like WD-40 or silicone spray, use a small screwdriver to push the sides of the grommet in while working some lubricant between the rubber and valve cover hole. Usually the old one is OK to reuse but you have a new one so no worries.


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