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Valve Adjustment Preference


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I'm wondering which gives me better top end performance. Assuming that adjustments are made with the fillers very snug or just any resistance,and the pro and cons of each, which would perform better at speeds, with minimal or no surging. (96 R1100RT)

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Set to spec. or error on the high/"loose" side. Too tight, not good. See Below:


2. Valve Lash Increase


If you are like me, try this. I like low and mid-range drive ability and throttle response. My R1100RS would not idle for several minutes on cold mornings until I increased valve lash. Increasing valve lash FIXED the problem, and I've lost no discernable top-end power. Increased valve lash is equivalent to closing the valves sooner--"milding" the cam timing.


Set the valves COLD from/to:


Intake: Spec: .006" to: .012"

Exhaust: Spec: .012" to: .014"


Taken from here: Valve Adj


Been there, done did it. YMMV.

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