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How long does a dealer need to do a 12,000 mile service?


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A little help from those in the know. My third BMW here and I am in need of a the 12,000 and annual service. I live a distance from my dealer and tried to set up an appointment. I have had the 6K, and 12k done on other bikes (all RT's) and it never took more than 4 hours.


I say I would like to wait and the guy says "it is an all day job, especially if you need both done"! I said, isn't the 12K and annual almost identical and it should not take that much much more time to complete? He say's, bring your sleeping bag!


Then he says the 12K is a major service and with the need for the engine to cool and all blah, blah, blah...


Yea, I hung up both miffed and ticked off. The service has been done in the past in 4 hours. What has changed other than I have an 09 rather than an 06?


I understand the bike must cool before you can adjust the valves, but can't you do some of the other stuff while it is cooling? Like change the brake fluid, gear oil, etc?


Comments from those that know. It is a HASSLE for me to have someone follow me down, pick me up, drive us back home, then return 8 hours later to do the same thing! Customer service? Not?


Comments please from those that have just had the 12K done..time and price?

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Sounds to me like the dealer is jerking you around a bit.

As you said, they can do EVERYTHING except the valves while the bike is cooling down.

The main difference on the 12/24...service is the oil replacement in the final drive and the fluid flush-replacement of the brake system. The brakes take a while but not bad. I did mine on my 06 R12GS with the servo brakes, in a bit over 2 hours. And THAT was my FIRST time, so a lot of wasted effort as I was bumbling my way through.

Based on how long it took me to do my own, I should think that everything could EASILY be done withing a regular work day.

There is a lot more Tupperware to remove on the RT as compared to the GS, but when you know what you're doing, even that is no biggie.

Just my 2 cents worth.




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I get my RT serviced by an independent tech, so maybe I'm a bit spoiled as compared to taking it to a dealer. I'd say that the services you want done can easily be performed in a standard work day. As you say, all but the valve check/adjustment can be performed before the bike cools down. They can also help that along by pointing a couple of fans at the cylinder heads (that's what my guy does, then checks the temp with a laser/infrared thermometer that he just points at the heads). Presumably, you could also help by showing up before the dealer opens, letting your bike cool before they start for the day. Is there not someone else you can talk to at the dealership? Maybe they just don't want you asking why you're charged x hours labour when the actual elapsed time is somewhat less.

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Guest Kakugo

I usually leave off my bike in the morning and get their text message "Your bike is ready" around 4 PM. I suspect they change the fluids and check the diagnostics in the morning and adjust the valves in the afternoon but I really don't care.

Since I also get a courtesy bike I cannot complain. Don't they have one to give you?

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My 12k was done about a month ago. The dealer chrged me 5 hours labor for a total cost of about $500. I left the bike there overnight so it would be cold when they were ready to start the work. I think it's time to start doing my own service.

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