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1200 oil filter wrench source?


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Going to use either oem or Mann filters - found out the wrench

that fit my 1150 filter doesn't (of course!) fit the 1200 filter.


Best I've seen so far is BeemerBoneyard wrench for $20 -

any other options?


Or, are there any wrenches at i.e. AutoZone that work?



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Afternoon Macx


I just use a cheap & simple band wrench. It works on about everything from hard to access filters on cars & trucks, to tractors, to boats with deep set engines, to the good old 1200RT.




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AutoZone sells a strap wrench for about 7 bucks. You can use either a 1/2" ratchet or a Crescent / box wrench with it.

Main advantage is it stores way smaller than the pictured above.



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