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Tire questions again??

George Brown

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George Brown

Time to replace my rear tire. I've run Metzelers since 1999 on my RT. It had Mez4's when I bought it and I felt comfortable with them so I always replaced them with Mez4's and now Mez6's. Still like how they feel. Currently I have the plain z6's. Front has 3k on it so it will be around for a while.



1. Any concerns (or more importantly, any real experiences) with running the newer dual compound tires with the older tires?

2, Has anyone compared the "Z6 Interact" to Michelin "Pilot Road 3"?



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Morning George


I think you will find more incompatibility handling wise between a NEW (round profile) rear tire and a worn (flatter) front than any difference in tire compound or construction. It should get better as the rear starts to wear a bit though.


I don’t really know what to tell you on the dual compound rear tires. Some riders really seem to like them and other riders like me seem to have issues with them. I seem to ride hard enough that I get a very strange wear band where the soft outer compound meets the harder center compound. I don’t have a lot of experience with the dual compounds but haven’t like the ones I have tried. I bought up some of the last of the old Z-6 single compound tires for that reason.


I am hoping that some of the newer triple compound and variable compound tires will do better (for me anyhow).


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