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R1100RT headlight question

Mike ONeill

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Mike ONeill

Okay, this is likely a dumb question coming from a guy that does most of the maintenance on the bike himself, but I can't figure out how to change my headlight bulb. Turn the streering to the right, remove the pin and boot...


To remove the wire (pin) without breaking the stupid thing I need to know if I have to squeeze, turn, twist, pull, push the connector to release it. My Clymers apparently assumes I know. Any help would be appreciated.



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Brant Herbert

Remove connector by pulling it straight back.

Wire clip is "hinged" on the left side (looking at back of bulb). On right side the wire clip has two formed ends (loops), squeeze those toward each other and they will disengage from the socket.

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Disconnected the plug, and then removed the round rubber cover.

The bulb is held in place by a spring clip. One side of the clip is hinged, and the other side has two separate ends to the clip. Those two ends need to be pushed slightly forward, then together. They unhook from the little hooks on the housing and the whole clip hinges rearward. This releases the bulb which can be withdrawn straight back.



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Morning Mike


Good advice above—I will just caution! you to be very/very careful when pulling wiggling the connector off the back of the bulb as that is the number one way the bulb retaining bail pivot hinge gets pulled loose or broken. Once you break that bail pivot it is a r-e-a-l b*t*h to repair.


If pulling the connector loose from the bulb fights you too much try rolling the rubber cover back the removing the bulb with the plug still on the bulb then once the bulb is out of the lens socket you can pull on it all you want without hurting the lens assembly.


Some people find that removing a rear view mirror makes it easier to see in there by looking through the opening behind the mirror.



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I used to think that changing the bulb on my R1100RT was really difficult and then I bought an R1150Rt which should be issued with an endoscope to help you get that main beam bulb square and in position.





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