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For those who still think women shouldn't be in charge of the world . . .


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Nice story.


Lead, follow or get out of my way.


Pretty gutsy. Lake Michigan, the fifth-largest lake in the world, is not a place you want to be when the weather gets bad.

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My wife did about the same thing. I was swimming across a river with a strong current. I'm not much of a swimmer.

The wife casually said to another lady, you better go and rescue him, he can't swim very good.

Otherwise I would have died right there.


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Lead, follow or get out of my way.


I don't care what your sex is, but I really like that she didn't sit around and uselessly worry.

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(The following happened before I was born, but I always thought it showed clear thinking in an emergency).

My grandfather fell off the second story roof of his house.......My grandmother saw him go by the window, and call the fire dept and an ambulance before she went outside.


My grandfather died 6 months later, from complications. But her rushing out in a panic would not have helped.

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Like I always say. "behind or (alongside to be politically correct) every successful man is a great woman.

That woman is great!

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