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Turn Signal Problem Update---it's worse.


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A few days back I asked for opinions/advice about a signal problem. The right side rear turn signal was dead and all other lights worked properly. Many thanks to those who responded. But......three days later the front right signal went dead, as well as the dash turn signal indicator light.

Dealer, here I come. Looks like it will be Atlanta (Marietta) or Chattanooga. Any opinions on which dealer?? Thanks, ya'll.

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Have you checked the relay is correctly seated and its contacts not corroded.

See relay location no.10 on attachment


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Where are you in AL? A Guzzi riding friend of mine has a private mechanic somewhere around Ft Payne-Scottsboro area. Friend says the guy is great on Guzzis but is really a BMW mech who owns, rides and maintains them ... ex-dealer guy. I have no experience with him but my buddy is a big fan.


Let me know if you are interested and I'll see if I can rustle up a name and number -


PM me.

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I didn't see what kind of bike you're on, but I had an '05 RT-P that exhibited these exact symptoms on my way to the dealer to get an appraisal so I could get my tags. The first thing to go were the turn signals, the the heated grips (in December) then the blinkers started blinking on their own, I think the rain helped it along.


At the exit for my dealership I had a big puff of smoke, I pulled over and checked it out and 4-5 fuses had blown and the problem seemed to stabilize so I hobbled it to the dealership with the battery light illuminated.


They took the bike apart and found 9 wires in a large bundle, under the tank that had been chafing against the frame.


$380 and 24 hours later my bike was as good as new (my dealership really took care of me well) and had no more problems.


If the wiring harnesses aren't secure they will eventually short out, you might try looking under the tank adjacent to the frame on the LH side, since your scenario sounds so familiar, it may save a few bucks and possibly even a fire.


Hope this helps and I hope it is something simpler than what I had.

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