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RD Electrical Hookup on 2011 RT


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Got a brand new R12RT and want to hookup my Escort radar detector. I first thought that simply plugging into the accessory socket on the fairing would be simple, and the manual says the socket power shuts down shortly after the ignition is switched off. Indeed it does, but not quite. My multimeter reads about 1VDC. So anything left plugged in there will continue to draw some current. I need a true, switched circuit instead. So now I'm thining the parking light wire, easily (?) accessed where the bulb is located. I'm assuming this circuit will indeed go to zero when shut down.


But will my Escort confuse the CANBUS system? It doesn't draw much current but does fluctuate when the beeper goes off. Will the CANBUS think something is amiss? (I miss the simple wiring of all my previous bikes. Even I could understand it.)



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I just ordered the CENTECH AP-2 and Canbus fuse relay. I'm planning to mount it under by seat near the bettery. What wire exactly should I use for the "bike on" relay?


Thanks, Chris

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Excel Cycle Werkes looks like a great product. The photo showing mounting on R120012 is great help.


When I searched AMAZON, all I found for supplier was Centech. For the same price I would have ordered from CycleWerkes instead of directly from Centech and Centech doesn't include mounting hardware. Oh well, duct tape and cable ties should fix that.


Thanks for great help on this forum.

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