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Ceramic Grills


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You know Big Green Egg, Primo Grills or the Grill Dome. The later is what i bought, and waiting for it to be delivered. So anybody cook with one of these? Supposed to go for 20 plus hours on a full load of lump charcoal, so beef brisket and pulled pork should be fun. Also can get them up to 700 deg. for searing steaks.

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I have a Big Green Egg, and everything good that has been said or written about it is true. For my first attempt, I jumped right in the deep end and slow-cooked a brisket for 28 hours (it was a big'un) on one charcoal load. The results were impeccable.


You will definitely make use of many of the accessories, such as their equivalent of BGE's plate setter (ceramic insert for indirect heating), and I've found great divergence in the quality of commercially available lump charcoal. Get the best you can find - there are review sites all over the internet.


These Kamado style grills truly excel at everything from slo-smoking to searing grilling, and are amazingly efficient. Plus, there is little ash left over, unlike Kingsford-type charcoal which has a lot of filler.


Your wallet will hurt, but your stomach (and new friends) will thank you. Remember what the great Homer says..." If God didn't want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?" Exactly.

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Ditto Ohio48!


I have a BGE too. Best BBQ (real - smoked low & slow) you'll ever taste. Cook turkeys (hot & fast - 500F) and other goodies like steak (1200F), pizza (700F), and even breakfast munchies (won-ton wrapper laid into a mini muffin pan filled with egg, cheese, bacon, ham, peppers, etc.).


Check out The Naked Whiz for recipes, charcoal evals, etc. (I use Cowboy charcoal - get it at Home Depot & even Stop & Shop). Also take a look at the BBQ Guru pitminders - computerized temp control for your cooker.


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