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'05 1200RT dash light intensity flicker

Red RT

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The past three-four months or so I have noticed that the intensity of the turn signal indicator, the neutral light and the SET light in the dash seem to loose intensity from time to time. Sometimes it stays at full intensity during riding other times it switches between half intensity and full intensity every few seconds. Other times it stays at low intensity for the duration of the ride... I have seen a few posts about this but have not been able to find a post resolving this problem... I think one of the forum messages seemed to indicate that this may be due to water in the turn signal switch... since I have not washed my bike in six month (I do not ride in rain or wet roads) I do not believe it is water in the switch. It more seems like a loose grounding wire since all the incadescent lights in the dash seem to change intensity... Someone also mentioned that there is an ambient lighting sensor in the dash that supposed to change the dash lighting intensity based on lighting levels (day/night).


The bike seem to ride fine and it does not seem to effect the turn signals, cruise control or headlights...


Spoke to Max BMW dealer service department (NY and CT) but the service manager ladies there had no clue.


Any input / solution from "you guys" would be appreciated.


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Yeah its the ambient lighting sensor. Maybe the sensitivity is off, and a slight shadow cast across it is enough to trigger the brighter mode.


My 2005 does the same thing. I'm of the opinion that if it bothers me, I'm spending way too much time looking at my bike and not enough time looking at the road.

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