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What kind of steel is the frame made of.


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On my R1100 RT there is a small sub-frame part attached to the back of the frame and includes the two vertical supports for the aft end of the luggage rack. Both vertical supports have broken off. I plan to weld it back together but am unsure if it's stainless steel or just steel. A magnet is attracted to it so I know it's not aluminum but there are places where the paint has worn off and there is no rust on it. It would seem a bit unlikely to me (but what do I know) that the frame of the bike would have been made of stainless steel (because of the cost, but then again it is a BMW) but not impossible.


Does anyone know for sure what kind of steel the frames are made of?




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It is made of welded mild-steel tubing - you can see the internal seam on the tube if you look. When I got mine welded, I inserted a length of 10mm mild-steel bar into both parts and had to notch the bar to fit the seam.



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Yep, I saw the seam. I made some 2 1/2 or 3 inch inserts from solid steel bar and had to notch them for the seam.


I suppose the exposed bare metal didn't rust because what ever rubbed the paint off was pressing hard enough to keep moisture out then.


Thanks for the input, nice to know I don't have to go buy a tank of tri-mix and stainless wire to weld it up.



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