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Voltmeter Dies on 1991 R100RT


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Hi Folks, the voltmeter dies on my 1991 R100RT after about 5 minutes. When I first start the bike, it reads normal, but after about 5 minutes, it dies and the needle just goes to the far left.


About 3 weeks ago, I noticed that when I have the turn signals on, the voltage swings from 12v down to 9v. The brake light only drops it from 12 down to 11v.


Has anyone experienced anything like this? Hoping I won't have to replace the voltmeter as they're about ~$200 up here in Canada.


Thanks in advance



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Mighty Manfred

Many folks have used 3rd party voltmeters, available many places for $20 or so. Of course, you don't have the BMW logo in the middle of it.

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VDO volt meter #332103 is a good replacement; 2 1/16" diameter, black face,red pointer, white numerals, 8 - 16 volts, and should have a dampened motorcycle movement. Should run you less than 40 Canuck dollars. :^)

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  • 9 years later...

May want to check the voltage to the meter.  I had an intermittent connection in the wire to the voltmeter where the wire was crimped to the connector.. Meter sometimes read correctly, sometimes erratic. Fixed the intermittent connection; problem solved.  I also had identical problem with the dash clock.

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