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How do I translate what 2.1 bars up means regarding tire (tyre) pressure?


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Reading the manual on the my new (to me) G650 and was trying to figure out the correct tire pressure. The manual calls for 1.9 to 2.1 bars up. What the heck does that equate to in psi?



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Just remember this easy and very close comparison.


1 Bar = 15 psi


As it relates to tires, this is more than close enough and probably WAY more accurate than whatever air pressure gauge you're using.



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Or simpler still:

google search:

convert 1.9 bars to psi (enter)

and you have an answer



Why would I do that when I have the best BMW online manual/resource right here, in this forum?


...and, I get even more information like the $10 tyre pressure gauge deal at Wally World ... :grin:

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