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Can't seem to find the site/page that lists substitutions for filters, etc for the R1100.

Anybody running a "aftermarket" fuel filter ?




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If you're referring to the fuel filter INSIDE the tank, I'm not sure if there is an aftermarket filter, however many people are running remote fuel filters and usually installing them by the rear plastic body panel where the preload adjuster goes. This way the filter is accessible when traveling/servicing without having to disassemble the fuel tank.


This will also be my next job when it's time to replace my filter again.

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Pretty much any filter rated for fuel injection will do the job, provided the fittings are the right size. I know the list you're talking about, can't remember where it is, but I remember I used to use a Deutsche FF401 filter on my 1100RT. I ran it near the rear shock preloader, but you could run it inside the tank, too.


Instructions for 1150 bikes here. They mention a Purolator filter. They refer to Instructions for 1100 bikes here, which mention other filters.

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Thanks you guys, my filter is also by the shock preload too, first I located it just behind the right cylinder but it was a wicked tight squeeze behind the plastic, so tight that I could not "cushion" it with some rubber so I moved it back.



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The BMW filter cross references to a Wix 33032.

The Wix is just about the same size and is rated at 75 PSI.

It cost four dollars.

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