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Some days you just get lucky.


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My wife Sheila and I often visit our local auction house - we have furnished our house with quality furniture for low prices and I recently bought a Canon 400D with two lenses for £130. We are currently looking for a replacement dining table and there was one of the right size and style in this weeks sale, so we went along. We had also seen a few other nick-naks that might be worth a punt.


One of these today was a lot described in the catalogue as "a large box of tableware and glassware". It was predominantly blue in colour and Sheila like blue glassware. The lot was near the end of the sale and many of the dealers had gone, so we got it on the opening bid of £2.00.


When we got home and unpacked it, most of the blue tableware turned out to be Moorcroft 'powder blue' - about eighty pounds worth at typical Ebay prices.


I love miss-catalogued auction items :Cool:



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