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Greetings to you amigos all over the planet ,


last week i have been expieriencing a weird feel of the front wheel when the bike enters a tarmac hole.It is even worse if the gas tank is full.I have checked the glove box for any tools that aren't in order and cause this feal but the when watched it more carefully i saw that i felt it in my hands/palms.I checked the front wheel tyre pressure and it is OK.Also the ball bearing check of the wheel seem to be OK.

Could it be the front shock?Does the '97 R1100RT has any fragile ball bearings that i should check?(and pls explain how without visiting the shop plssss)


Any ideas?

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Morning FCS


Not enough info from you to tell you very much. It does sound like maybe something loose in the front end though.


My suggestion is to put the bike on the center stand and weight the rear to lift front wheel off the ground, then start shaking and forcibly moving things like the fork tubes, control arm etc. Then place the bike on the ground and wiggle the handlebars and push/pull the front wheel fore/aft.


You might have loose upper steering bearings, or a loose or broken shock, or loose lower fork bridge, or worn ball joint, or ???


Are you possibly hearing your brake rotors rattling? Maybe shake them to see how loose they are (loose rotors are somewhat normal on older oilheads)


If you keep feeling something loose and can’t find it yourself as a safety precaution have it looked at by an expert.


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I'm with dirtrider. Have a friend straddle the front tire and hold it tight with his legs. Get on the bike and see if you feel anything loose while moving the handlebars back and forth etc.


I would definitly have this looked at just to be safe.

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Wheel Balance perhaps? The only way to be sure is to remove the nose wheel, put it on a balance stand, and check proper balance.


Pothole would possibly bend rim, or "throw" weights. If all "feels secure" with the "friend" suggestion, then a more in depth analysis will be required...Amigo

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The ball joint will not be loose, but will notch. It will not be noticeable while on the center stand. Take off the nut from the joint and the a ARM will lift off of it , then move the shaft around. If there is a notch you will feel it. Mine notched after hitting a pothole.

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Dear 94aero,

can you pls post a pic of the item i have to check while the bike is on the side stand?Here in Greece it is difficult to avoid potholes (makes u wonder if a GS option might be better..)



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When entering a big tarmac hole a feel in both hands a feel as if the front wheel is not as solid as it should be.

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