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Oil cooling fan


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I remember a post on installing a R1200RT-P cooling fan on a reg RT I tried the search, but couldn't find anything. If someone could find this post I would be most grateful.




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This is the thread that I found. I copied one post indicating the parts needed.





Should you decide to just go with the RTP setup, here is what I found on the BMWsporttouring website. Link is below, the list is taken from the link in case you cannot get in. May go with the fan setup myself, just not sure which setup or ready to add it yet. Please post your setup choice and performance report. Inquiring minds will want to know.



To add the R1200RT-P engine oil cooler fan to a standard R1200RT


46 63 7 690 869 Fan Shroud, qty 1

17 11 7 656 030 Fan, qty 1

07 11 9 931 026 Washer, qty 3

63 12 7 682 829 Bolt, qty 3

06 32 7 651 204 Bolt, qty 2

51 12 7 070 202 Clip Nut, qty 2

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Bob, I have the RTP fan installed on my 07RT. It was done by the PO. Quite honestly, I have never needed it. I live in Tucson and have ridden through Phoenix in stop and go traffic at 115 degrees and I was only one bar above the middle so didn't even turn it on. Now if you leave your bike idling for long periods with electrical loads like the LEOs do, it may make sense there.

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Thanks for the reply Lmar, I had found that info, what I was looking for was a post of someone installing the fan with pics it was a while back.


Thanks again Lmar,


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So John, one bar above the middle isn't a problem, I guess I worry to much as soon as it go over the middle I start worrying.


Thanks for the reply John,


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