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Need special tool to remove front brake MC cap?


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I saw a tool for this purpose someplace, maybe on A&S website.


I haven't really looked at it, but will be adding Ilium barbacks soon and they require a longer upper brake hose, which is included, so will have to do some bleeding.


So, is there some special trick to getting the cap off, or is somebody just trying to peddle something we really don't need?

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Well most of us never use a special tool. Have heard of some using dental floss in the crack though. A tool might be of some use but whether tis worth paying for is another matter.

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A wire coat hanger. Cut off hanger part and twisted wire below it. Straighten, then make into a V. Bend both the ends inward 1/2 facing each other. Insert those points into the clips below the cap, squeeze to depress clips as you unscrew cap.

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