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1996 R1100RTH Blue Sold by Canton Cycles Used in 2005


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Does anyone out there have this bike? I traded if for my 2005 R1200rt in July of 2005. It needed a transmission rebuild when I traded it so whoever got it should have gotten a new transmission rebuild. I was told by the Canton folks that this is what they did.


Anyway, the reason I ask is that I have discovered I have an ignition key for it and would be happy to get the key to the new owner rather than just toss it out. I have no idea who purchased it and Canton is now out of business. I have the VIN if you are unsure if yours is the same bike.


Here's my last photo of it. I do miss it. It was/is a great bike and we had many good times together.




Roy :)

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I LOVE the color on those bikes. LOVE.


Me too.


Wish I had it ... If I get the chance I'll buy a set of panels in that blue and swap my silver ones.


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