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Ohlins shock height

Don E

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I just purchased a set of used Ohlins shocks for my 99RT. I installed the rear shock and now stand off height is higher. I'm having trouble planting both feet down at a stop. I was wondering can ride height of the rear shock be adjusted? Or is it fixed when shocks are built?

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Refer to manual: http://www.ohlins.com/Products/OwnersManuals/OM_07241-02.pdf


Here is a snipet from it, which may partly answer your question.

You ought to run through the set-up proceedure for your own requirements. After completing it you will know if it is out of adjustable limits and it can be sent to an Ohlins agent for modifications.


Step 1 (Spring Preload - Free Sag - Ride Height)

Spring preload is a crucial part of setting your motorcycle since it affects the height of the motorcycle and the fork angle.



The following procedure should be performed on a flat surface.

Put the motorcycle on a workstand so that both wheels are off the ground and the suspension is unloaded.

Mark, for example with a piece of tape, a point immediately above the rear wheel axle.

Measure the distance from the marked point to a fixed point, for example the wheel axle (R1).


Measure the distance from the bottom of the upper triple clamp to a fixed point, for example the front wheel axle (F1).

Put the motorcycle on the ground so that the front and the rear suspensions are slightly compressed. Repeat the measuring procedures (R2 and F2).


Sit on the motorcycle in normal riding position, properly outfitted in your riding gear. Repeat the measuring procedure (R3 and F3).


Recommended Measures

If no other recommendations are given in the Mounting Instructions follow the measures below:

Free sag (R1-R2), (F1-F2):

Rear 5 -15 mm

Front 2 0-30 mm

Ride height (R1-R3), (F1-F3)

Rear 25 -35 mm

Front 3 0-40 mm



Always check on the Öhlins web site www.ohlins.com or with your Öhlins dealer/ distributor for the latest information.

Step 2

Adjust spring preload

If your measures differ significantly from the recommendations in the Mounting Instructions or the table above, adjust the spring preload. (See chapter Spring Preload in this manual).

If the ride height still differs from the recommendations, you may need to change to softer/harder spring

Incorrect spring rate may result in a front geometry that is either too steep or too flat. This can result

in a tendency of under or over steering, that could seriously affect the handling characteristics of the




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The process Andy highlighted is for setting spring preload. You definitely need to do that. If, after you do that, you are still unhappy with the ride height, check out page 11 for instructions on adjusting the length of the shock. This will change ride height without impacting the sag.

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