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Tupperware Removal - 2010


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Does anyone know if there are instructions on the web for removing the tupperware on 2010 RT?



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I never saw any. You don't need any, really. Get a T-25 Torx driver and start removing screws. They're all the same size except for a few. Take note of which are different and be sure to put them back in the right place. If you have the courage to try you will succeed.

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What GRB60 said.


Simply get in there and start removing screws.


If it comes off...you're done.


If it doesn't...keep unscrewing.

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Remove the four screws holding the tank rail and lift off. Remove the four screws holding each side panel, unplug the elec connection on the left panel, and take the side panels off pulling out from the rear toward the front. Take out the two screews holding the glove box door and remove (I put a rag in the opening below these screws; never did find that little bugger. Take out the 13 screws holding the rt side panel and lift it out and up from below. It "hangs" on the tabs on top. On the left panel, give the little plastic bolt thingy on top a half twist and take it out. Remove the 9 screws holding the left panel and again lift it out and up from below. By this time you should be on your second beer and having a great time.


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The instructions for the 09s and earlier work great. Screws are in essentially the same place. It's actually a little easier since the ones that used to require a T27 bit have been changed to a T25 as well. As with the pre 10s, you need to be careful with the two screws holding the side of the glove box on.

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