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Short tale, my BRR trip

Paul Mihalka

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Paul Mihalka

It was a good one! To get there my final decision was to just make a quick run on interstates, but they are nice interstates. Route was from Baltimore area I70/I68 west, I79 to Charleston WV, then US119 to Parkville. So Thursday morning I waited to about 9 for most of the thunderstorms to pass, and headed out. Still got about one hour of heavy rain and storm, but after that smooth sailing. Good to see all the friends again!

For Friday I decided to find out what all the talk is about "The Snake", rt. 421 from Bristol VA to Boone NC. Nice road, it is "snakey". On the road a lot of damage visible from the recent tornados. Quick lunch and turn back. On the way back I plan to stop at the Shady Valley Country Store, a well known shop. Already stopping I see another R1200GS and another bike. Turns out on the GS is "bobbybob", Bob Biele. It is a small world!


Just you know it did all happen:



Nice Mexican dinner almost next door. As always great group of friends.

For Saturday I had no plans. So I see Chris "lawnchairboy" and company preparing for a ride, and ask if I can go along. Sure! I don't know where we went, all I know it was Kentucky. Small roads, major roads, all nice. About 350 miles. Good pace. For me it was easy. I rode caboose and when I saw good lean angles in front I slowed down. I hope I didn't hold you guys up too much.

Yes, this happended too. Lou, Chris and Rick at one of our little road stops:




In the evening our barbecue dinner. Good dinner, great people!

Decided to take a easy two day ride home. Started aiming West into VA. Plan was to take famous (infamous) rt.16 from Tazwell to Marion. This road is no big trucks, has some first gear switchbacks even on a nice day. What happened is that just getting on that road the sky opened the faucets and rode all of it in a very heavy rainstorm. That was not in my plan, but I survived. From there up to the Blue Ridge, ride North. For the night I stopped in a nice inexpensive family managed motel just off I81, the Wattstull Inn. Single row rooms, park in front, 10 miles to the BRP. Recommended. Nice surprise for dinner: In the one-stop town of Buchanan is a real German restaurant, the Rhein River Inn. They even had my favorite beer, a Spaten.

Next day up to the BRP, ride North to the end. The BRP at 8am on a nice Monday morning is a very special road! From there some more small roads and I'm home. Great ride, great company, Matt and Shawn and helpers, thanks again!

Time to start packing for Torrey...





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It is beyond my comprehension how I could possibly slow you down. A pleasurable ride, thanks..




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Well Paul, just to *reinforce* that it really did happen......GREAT seeing you again! :wave:






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