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Malfunctioning cruise control


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This is my first post in this section of the forum since purchasing my 09 RT, I've had terrific assistance previously from forum members with my 1150RT.


Over the last few months I've detected that my cruise control works intermittently. When i activate the cruise it may work but when it is working if for some reason it's turned off by applying the brakes or clutch it will not resume or reset. I have to stop the bike, turn the ignition off & restart the bike. This some times works but not all the time either.


When i start the bike i make sure the dash has gone through it's functions before i actually start the bike ( I think this is the correct thing to do).....this allows the cruise to work - only till the clutch or the brakes are applied then it no longer works.


I've noted in a stationary position that when i turn the ignition on, wait for the 'set' lights to go out & then switch the cruise button on the little red light comes on but as soon as i touch the brake lever the red light goes out.I don't believe it's a faulty switch.


In a previous post regarding cruise control there were reset instructions for an 10 model which I tried to carry out but this didn't work, on a step by step basis.


Any assistance appreciated, before i get down to the dealer -thank you.




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It seems unlikely that BOTH the clutch and brake switches would need adjustment now.


On my '08, the dealer replaced the handlebar switch assembly to fix similar issues (warranty at 2,800 mi.).

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If it's out of warranty, I came across an earlier post by rgmanley on this forum giving the diagnostic check for the various switches and sensors involved




If nothing else it may well indicate which area has a faulty switch / sensor before you try to sort it.


Missed that before.. Always good to have diagnostic routines around. Even though I don't need it now. Thanks!

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When you are riding with the cruise control on and use the cruise control switch to turn it off will it turn back on using the switch again (w/o having to restart the bike)?

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