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Handle Bar Mounted Mirrors


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I'd like to buy a set of handle bar mounted mirrors for my 2000 R1100RT. I can see that there are threaded holes where I'd guess these mirrors would mount.


So here's my question - What is the thread size and pitch I should be looking for? Or better yet, reply with a link to the site where I can buy the mirrors that fit the R11.




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That's for the left side.


The one for the right side is fastened with an allen bolt thru the lower stem.

Have you tried Re-Psycle BMW parts?


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Jerry in Monument


I'm looking for mirrors to add to my '96 RT. I live jsut south of you in Monument

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Have you heard of Napoleon bar end mirrors?




I just put a pair on my 1200RT and MY but I now can see

directly behind me! They buzz at hiway speeds, but I don't

need to know the make/model of a vehicle close behind me, but I

sure do need to know if there's one there or not.


$60+ for the pair. Infinitely adjustable, very good quality.


The pics aren't in sequence, but here's how things look.



Not a straight bolt on, takes a little fiddling but nothing



I'll write it up with instructions in a couple days.


I really like them! Feel much more secure esp in town

cuz now I can really easily see directly behind me.


I'm in process of writing up the install. With pics.



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If like me you have fitted a wider screen the high mirror probably will hit it. If only 2" wider you can make a cut out but if like me it is 4" wider then high mirrors are not realistically possible.


My screen is a Cee Bailey +4w +4h



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