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ABS Pressure Modulator - R&R


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I apologize if an answer has already been posted, but I can't find the answer using the search function.


On my 2004 R1150 RT, I need to remove the battery carriage, but the manuals say I need to remove the ABS pressure modulator. Clymer's says I must have the dealer refill the lines with the BMW MoDiTec. The BMW manual only says to have a bleed test with the BMW MoDiTec.


In your experience, what is necessary to R&R this unit?






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Afternoon Bud


No problems removing the ABS controller than reinstalling re-bleeding it. The only thing the dealer’s computer can do that you can’t is check the internal pressure holding ability & read the failure codes. That’s not needed to bleed the system at home.


Bleeding your I-ABS system isn’t the most straight forward but with a proper fitting container on the controller fluid reservoirs it really isn’t that bad.


Look in the FAQ on this site or in the archives here on the procedure for bleeding your I-ABS system.


Then come back and ask any questions you need answered on the how-to.


Added: I should caution you to be sure to tape over the wire harness connector hole BEFORE removing any lines as just a little brake fluid in that connector opening can ruin the ABS controller.

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I removed the ABS unit on my 04RT and drained it completely. Refilling and bleeding was very easy. A second person is a huge help.

Make sure you cover everything around the reservoirs on the handlbars because you'll certainly squirt some out if you're anything but extremely gentle.

See this for instructions: http://bmwsporttouring.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=10156

If you need any extra info, send me a PM.

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Jerry Duke

Does anyone know if the GS911 device can reset any error messages you might get from air in the system, yet bleed out?


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Morning Jerry


According to the documentation that comes with the GS-911 it can clear the stored codes on the BMW I-ABS systems.


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