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1150RT 30000mile service: biggie??


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My 03 twin spark 1150 RT is due for its 30 000 mile service. (I have to wait weeks to even get it booked in ... but that's another story.)


Is it a biggie?? Am I going to be up for zillions ... especially given that Australia is heaps more expensive than the US? Services here (often) seem to cost between $600 and $800 ...

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Bruce, you should *really* avail yourself of the material on this site and the brainpower of the membership to learn to do your own servicing. Honestly...


You'll need a few tools, a workshop manual, a decent torque wrench and some good (Wurth) feeler gauges. Make your own home made manometer for throttle body balancing.


Try here for some well written and very helpful literature : http://advwisdom.hogranch.com/Wisdom/


I'd save up your coin for big jobs on your bike that might really be intimidating. A service, done by yourself is well worth the effort.




Linz :)

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Hi Bruce. Hey, it's a piece of cake to do your own wrenching, provided you have the time. I knew nothing about these bikes and purchased an 02 1150RT 4 years ago. As oon as I got it, I bought the shop manual(on CD) necessary tools as I went along and this machine runs better than the day I bought it, which was maintained at a shop. Try doing it yourself, just read twice, fix once. Hey, if prices were right, I'd fly over and help.

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The 30K shouldn't be a "biggie". 12,24 and 36 call for the extended service. Of course, if time is factored in, you may be due for a brake fluid flush which will add to the cost.

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Hi Bruce

Definately need to do it yourself if you can.

Heaps of info here on this site and i have always found the answer here in some form or another. Ask and you shall receive

There are also quite a few members here that are from Downunder so we can at least offer 'local' input as required for getting parts etc.


Enjoy the ride





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Thanks, guys. As for me and mechanics ... well, let's just say as a mechanic I make a damn good editor. :dopeslap:


However, I shall do some more research, buoyed as I am by having been able to take the back wheel off, and getting it back on and having it stay on! :grin:



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+1 on the DVD's.

I was a bit reluctant until I purchased and viewed the 1150 maintenance videos. After that instruction, all 24K procedures were a breeze. I did take the laptop into the garage in case I ran into a problem. Never needed it.


I've now ordered the 1200 video for the ABS bleed procedure and plan to complete that task soon.

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