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top case rack


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OK I saw it here somewhere BUT I can't find it again.So I will ask where can I find a rack to fit my 49 liter trunk.I need more room as WE are going camping and need more room for light stuff to fit.We are heading for our first BMW Rally the 49ER.


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I can't help with the rack, but I'll see you at the rally! What part of central cal are you riding in from? I'll be heading over from Garlic City.

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Santa Maria

I can't help with the rack, but I'll see you at the rally! What part of central cal are you riding in from? I'll be heading over from Garlic City.
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Thanks Guys. I ordered this one just now.

The rack in the last posting is made by Wunderlich America. Here is the link:




I'm considering both of these myself and would appreciate it if you'd do a follow up post on which one you get, your installation experience and your overall thoughts regarding the quality of the product. Thanks, Don

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Hope you read 'The Review" of the Wunderlich top case rack before you bought it. The one reviewer who did review it didn't seem to happy with the quality, fit or finish.


Here's what he said:



Reviewed by Ronald Allen from Chillicothe, IL (2.28.2011)


In preparation for a trip to Alaska, I am getting my 2009 RT ready for the task. I have purchased several items from Wunderlich for this purpose, one of the last being the luggage rack for the trunk. The rack I received is not up to Wunderlich’s standards when compared to the other items I purchased from them. The front mount feet had not been trimmed after cutting and I had to file down the front feet to get them to mount flat on the top of the box. The holes in the front feet are not drilled true vertical but at an angle, this maybe due to the design of the racks front mount feet, but it makes it difficult to be mounted on the top case. The threads of all the mounting feet had to be “chased” with a tap to clean the chrome out of the holes. The pattern provided did not match, exactly, the mounting feet for the rack. I believe this is due to manufacturing tolerances of the rack, more than likely the fixtures used to hold the tubing during welding is not precise as it should be. In the end, I got the rack mounted but it took a lot longer than I had planned based on the other additions I have put on my machine from Wunderlich. Once on the bike the rack looks good but man what a job getting it mounted.

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I agree with all the comments about fitting the rack as the template doesn't match with the mounting holes as i found out after drilling the holes! Two of the back holes matched but the two back ones didnt so had to ream them out a bit .We had a right fiasco trying to put the bolts and the washers through too as the bolts don't seem long enough ! Eventually the rack went on and has proved to very useful for attaching extra items to .

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Here's a potential solution. I've got an 09 RT with the 49l top case. I installed the Hepco and Becker rack after looking at the Givi, the HD, the Wonderlicht, and another from (??).


I used a 1/2" O.D. steel tube to make the risers, got some rubber washers from the hardware plumbing department to fit under the washers provided with the rack, longer bolts, and fender washers bent to fit ion the inside of the trunk. I painted the risers and bolt heads with flat black rustoleum.


Once I located what I thought was the best position and got over the trauma of drilling the first hole in the trunk, it was relatively simple to finalize the location, mark the other 3 holes on blue tape, and drill the holes using a brad point bit to prevent the drill from "walking."


I'm very satisfied with the result. I carry an Ortleib dry bag (24" long x 12" diameter) with a total of about 15 lbs in weight. It recently rode perfectly from Tahoe to LA in 20 - 30 mph crosswinds and speeds well exceeding the limits when passing.


I'll enclose some pics if I can figure out how...


Stan Moore

Lake Tahoe



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