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Thoughts about Sixity Brake pads?


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Mr. Frank

Brakes are probably a bad place to try less than well known brands. EBC, Carbonne Loraine, Dunlop, and SBS are well known. I favor EBC sintered pads.

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Brakes are probably a bad place to try less than well known brands. EBC, Carbonne Loraine, Dunlop, and SBS are well known. I favor EBC sintered pads.


I agree in principle. I've used EBC in the past with very satisfying results; however if these brakes are just new to us, here in the USA, I see no down side in asking around.


EBC were a new brand at some point in time.

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Found on eBay Sixity Ceramic pads for my bike.


Does anyone know this brand, and what do you thinbk about ceramic pads?


Only what I (just) read....


Sixity is based in Sacramento, California.

But were are they made?



Why Ceramic Brake Pads?



After this quick research I'm comfortable with ceramic pads but not from this vendor.

This is not to say that their offerings are inferior but rather that they have no reputation (good or bad) that I'm aware of.

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Looks like they are "middlemen"....I went to their site and couldn't find anything about manufacturing, ISO standards etc.


Unlike EBC.....and if you go to their site, they are very, very specific about that!


Yes, EBC were "new" but very transparent about the company and its practices.



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Afternoon Polo


Properly designed and properly made ceramic brake pads can work on stainless steel brake rotors but wouldn’t be my first choice.


The problem with off-brand brake pads is you don’t have any idea of the material type or material content. For all we know those pads have 2 small strands of ceramic and who knows what is used for fillers. Then how about the pad to backing bonding agent?


What do you want to bet those pads have never been tested on an actual BMW motorcycle. I would even be surprised if EBC pads were ever tested on an actual BMW motorcycle but at least we have a long history of those pads holding up.


What happens if you buy those Flea-Bay brake pads and they come un-bonded in a high heat high “G” stop. Will the place that sold them to you replace them or replace the rotors that just went metal to metal and scored up?


Then you have the possible ABS issues,-- do those brake pads fit the ABS force pressure vs decel path close enough that the ABS will work properly in a real-slick-road impending lock-up situation?


I guess you could try them & be a beta tester for the rest of us.



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I've had them in the rear of my '98 MG V11EV for the past 13k miles. They're work fine, better imo than the EBCs they replaced, which only lasted 5k miles.

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Good morning dirtrider, and gusanito.


DR, I indeed was asking for prior experience. I saw a complete set 2F, 1R for $49.95; there's also another set for 24.85 from Hong Kong (no thanks). Sometimes too cheap isn't worth even asking for, but these deserved some looking into in my mind. I acknowledge all your words of caution, I had the same issues as well. But if I could get a fair sampling of prior satisfied users...


Gusanito, thanks for your input.


The best price I've been able to find a set of EBC's is about $100, anyone know where I could do better?

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BMW recommends HH Sintered pads for their system and EBC's are just that.


FYI - I just replaced my fronts last week with EBC's but the rears still had plenty of meat on them. However, I decided to buy a complete set anyway (fronts & rears) and shopped around. Bought mine from Amazon for $96.84 shipped.


FYI - I never EVER "cheap" on brakes or tires ;) !



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