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Typical life span of a RT stock muffler?


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My RT has 75K on it and I see some small holes on the inside of the end if the muffler and it seems a bit louder than other Rt's I have heard. I live in AZ so rust is not an issue at all so it would be just heat and mileage. I am wondering what the typical life span is for these stock mufflers?




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My R1100 has 114K on the clocks and is still on the original, although it is certainly more throaty than it should be! however still functional.

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Moisture in the air is not necessarily the issue.......Short trips will subject the exhaust to more water than the atmosphere. The primary biproduct of combustion is water......Until everything is up to temp, moisture will be left sitting in your exhaust.


Mine is 9 years old, still seems to be fully intact.

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drilled on purpose perhaps?

theres an old home made answer

to $800 kevlar fancy smancy performance

mufflers, drill couple holes 120 degrees apart,

makes sound deep and mellow.

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Paul Mihalka

Sold my '99 R1100RT after 6 years and 175K miles. Muffler was in perfectly good operational condition.

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My 98 RT has 47K on it...I just had to weld up the rust holes in back by the exhaust port that you are speaking of! At first the bike(sorry I have not named her yet) had a nice little bark to the exhaust note. Well it started to get pretty loud...enough that friends thought I had put a pipe on it!! I work maint in a plastic thermoformed packaging company. We have a fully staffed fab shop complete with the people that can weld thin gauge steel better thatn I ever could. Greg welded it up,charging me $15 to do it.I said BS to that...and gave him $25. Cheaper than any exhaust option I found for replacement. :clap:

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