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On the way to BRR, Pikeville


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We were planning to meet Marty at Cafe REL in Franklin, NC for lunch, but even though it's only 80 miles from our place, I just couldn't wait to hit the road, so we left the house at 9:30, and are killing time with free Wi-Fi and non-free (but cheap) espresso at the local McD. Lovely ride up, perfect weather, brilliant sunshine, not too warm, and a tailwind. I'm looking forward to lunch and an enjoyable ride from Franklin to Pikeville.

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I had forgotten that, the last time I ate at Cafe REL, they said don't come in April, because they would be closed. As it turned out, we missed Marty, who also arrived early, by only minutes. We found a local meat and 3 place a mile up the road, with a full parking lot, and had a decent lunch.


Arrived at Pikeville around 6:00, got totally confused by the "odd" entrance to the HIE. The usual suspects are in attendance.


Fog Saturday morning, and we had no plans, other than a thought to find the Buckhorn Log Cathedral, which I had spotted from a mid-day gas stop at the Williamsburg BRR, 2 years ago.


We ended up at the Buckhorn State Park Resort and Lodge for lunch.






I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. This would be a perfect place for a future BRR. Room rates are competitive, and they have a dining room that seats 210 -- with 2 tables occupied at 12:30 on April 30.


To be continued...

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