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Just sayin' "Hello"


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It seems like forever since I've seen some of the best, most fun folks to hang out with, learn riding techniques from, discuss farkling, and even pick up some bike maintenance tips...


so... :D


I just wanted to say, "hi" and let you all know I think of you and am so very happy, all those years ago, that I came across this site. :thumbsup:


You all ROCK!!! :clap:


Wishing you a happy Friday and good riding,



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Jerry in Monument
Thanks, Kirsten. This is truly a special place with exceptional people.


So that's why they talk slowly to us.


Have a great weekend everyone. I probably won't get any riding in this weekend since it's supposed to snow.


Wife says I can't put snow/ice spikes on the RT.

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Friday, and payday.


One of the small perks of not being self employed anymore is you usually get paid.

When you are supposed to...


Best wishes.




Sell your bike yet?

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Sell your bike yet?


Not yet... I'm not doing well putting it out there, guess I'm still of mixed emotions about it. But, I can guarantee that in the middle of the Iron Butt Rally when I know I've got the funding to make the best choices possible for safety, I'll be happy I had four great years with the F800ST and that she's got a great new home :)


Have a GREAT weekend all... too bad about the snow. While the F800ST has never been down, the R1200RT did a little tipping this past winter in the snow and ice :P


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