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Looking for risers / setbacks for 1200RT


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They will fit a 2011 RT. You'll note there are only 3 bolts holding the bars on the 2011 model but underneath on the yoke there are 4 holes so these risers will fit.

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Morning Macx


On the 2010 and 2011 RT’s you can move the bars up and that stresses the brake line (clutch line is OK) but is workable. Up and back really stresses the brake line so most of the better 2010-2011 bar back kits come with an extended brake line so brake line replacement and brake bleeding is required. (that is also why some of the 2010-2011 kits are more expensive)


Just moving them up does move them back slightly as the upper triple tree sits at an angle.


The older 4 bolt bar risers also look kind of hokey with the new 3 bolt bars as the newer 3 bolt bars don’t match to the older 4 bolt riser correctly. It also looks to me like using the 4 bolt riser with the 3 bolt bars will change the bar tuning isolation so you could end up with more bar buzz at higher engine RPM’s.


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I usually do my own work, at least when I'm home (I work "on the road" on power plant construction projects), so sounds like I've now got to dig into bleeding these front brakes.


I guess the 1200RT's don't have the ABS - or whatever it is called that makes bleeding the older ones more complicated - , so would imagine bleeding is a little simpler than on my 04 1150R.


I'm going in for my 600 mile check this AM, will ask the dealer

if he has any setbacks (I'm more concerned with getting them

set back than up) and if he does, with the necessary brake line

extension, I'll maybe just have him install them and do the

brake thing. I don't know if I've got enuf tools with me

here at my present apartment.



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Morning again Macx


Yes the newer 1200RT does have different ABS brake system than your older (wizzy) brakes but don’t let that fool you.


If just bleeding to service the system with new fluid then very easy to bleed. If you EVER allow the fluid to run out and get air in the line around or above the upper line junction block or ABS controller you won’t think it is so easy and it will fight you w-a-y more than the (wizzy) brake system ever did.


This new I-ABS-gen2 systems can really try your patience if it gets air in it.


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Morning Macx


Up and back really stresses the brake line so most of the better 2010-2011 bar back kits come with an extended brake line so brake line replacement and brake bleeding is required.


I've done some looking but haven't noticed any kits that said they

contain brake hose extenders.


Could you point me in the right direction?


I checked this AM & the Vegas dealer doesn't carry any.



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Hey, that's a great bit of research and data gathering!


I agree with the Ilium ones - more movement esp towards the

rear which is what I feel will be of the most benefit, and

solves the brake line problem.


Both you and Dirtrider pointed those out, they are definitely

on my short list of tweaks.



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I just went back to take another look and noticed their 1200RT specific highway footrests.


They look like a well thought out design.


On my 1150R roadster I had tried the ones that clamp into

the spark plug well in the valve cover but quickly found

those to be located too high which resulted in me sitting on

the point of my butt, and were more uncomfortable than not

having any at all. It didn't take long to take them back off and sell them!


I had thought, at the time, that the lower I could get my feet and the

farther forward would get the greatest comfort level with highway pegs.

These look to be about as low and forward as it's possible to get, and I like the

rotating wide footpad.


At the price, they'll be lower on my tweak list than the bar backs and

some other things, but they're on the list.


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Hey, appreciate that!


I've done just about everything on my 1150R except rebuild the

FD and the motor - have even swapped enduro gears into the trans my own self.


Now I've got to basically start over for the 1200, altho I would hope it wouldn't need too much in the way of tweaks to get it "just right", but after $250 for the 600 mile engine & FD oil change and whatever checks they do, I'm darn sure going to do my own servicing on this one, too!

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Macx, you might want to check out this thread on bar risers:



If you find something you like, let me know how it works out. I'm leaning towards the Ilium.


I went ahead and got the Iliums. Got them on today, not that big of a job. Just sitting on the bike seems like a really major improvement - sit up straighter, arms not as bent.


Now for the bleeding. Have bled a whole pint of fluid and not bubble one coming out of the calipers - pushed & blocked the pistons back, have bled some out of each caliper, not a single bubble yet.


Mine has a little bleed right at the front master cyl, most likely to bleed air trapped in that fitting to the hose. Did get a couple bubbles out of it. Have some lever pressure, but not

really firm yet. Have to go get more fluid. Am going to try to find some speed bleeders, this screwing around with a wrench and pumping the brakes by myself is a PITA. M8x1.25x32mm (1.28")

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